Production & Development
Own large sheet metal processing plant, deep processing of stainless steel works and decorative products. Such as elevator panel, the anchor line, screen, wine rack, metal curtain wall, handle, door, walls, ceilings, toll booths, the security booth, light boxes, metal products, metal hotel supplies. May come to the sample generation processing all kinds of sheet metal parts, all kinds of craft products, to undertake a variety of stainless steel products.
The company's products are widely used in Stars Hotel, clubs, villas, high-grade office buildings, Senior Business Plaza, shopping centers, high-end shops, high-end elevators and high-grade KTV stainless steel decoration. Such as: Sofitel Dongguan, Dongguan Jun Yuan Hotel, Yijing Hotel, Inner Mongolia Erdos Museum, Xi'an World KTV today, Lanzhou AI Jia Yipin hot pot city, Ningxia Shizuishan swimming pool of the Grand Hyatt Hotel by my company's products and products for decoration.